Kosmos Hiking Club

Welcome to our site

Kontak:  Frik Prinsloo - 079 496 8413 email - frik.prinsloo@sasol.com
Kontak:  Jims De Vos - 083 315 9711 email - jimsdevos@outlook.com

Welcome to Kosmos Hiking Club

This is the official web site for our Hiking Club. We trust you will enjoy this site.

I often asked myself the question, why hike with a hiking club? Unless you are an experienced hiker, hiking with a club is recommended. Hiking especially the mountainous regions of South Africa is dangerous, mainly due to natural hazards such as fire, rain, snow, etc. it is therefore much safer to be with an experienced hiking group. Financially, hiking with a club is the cheapest option.  

 Our Mission statement:

The Kosmos Hiking Club is to ensure and organise a continuing programme of hikes and hiking related events, and to foster a sense of responsibility towards the environment within which its hiking activities take place.

We do not have any club fees and anybody is free to join our activaties, as long as you comply with our mission statement.

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